The colors of happiness radiate from a child’s face. The object of her fascination remains out of the frame, but clearly triggers visible emotion in her expressive face. This frame also conveys the play of joyful folk traditions associated with Holi, a popular festival celebrated each year in vast expanses of modern India.

The colors of happiness radiate from a child’s face. The object of her fascination remains out of the frame, but clearly triggers visible emotion in her expressive face. This frame also conveys the play of joyful folk traditions associated with Holi, a popular festival celebrated each year in vast expanses of modern India.

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Anjan returns to Cuba every year to meet old friends and make new ones, smoke cigars in the famous La Casa del Habano and take photos of Cuba’s coolest characters. These are some of the stories of the people behind the photographer’s most famous portraits as well as a travelogue about one of the places in the


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I am passionate about photography, especially in rural and semi-urban life. India is a country where the main essence comes out from the rural areas that makes it unique among other countries. My intention is to search this uniqueness and produce them on the global platform.

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"I have been working with Anjan for over a decade on numerous projects including Exhibitions and Photoshoots in India in Kolkata in particular) as well as in other South Asian, African and subcontinent destinations.

I have encouraged his publications memorializing his travels and endeavors in conjunction with a multinational cadre of distinguished photographers who have thrived under his leadership. We have all looked for ways to support and publicize his Villages Projects.

Anjan's own distinguished body of photograhic work is highly regarded internationally and appears regularly in my professional Facebook Photography Group, "Portraits from the Street of the World." PFTSOTW features the work of some 4,900 photographer members from 219 locales worldwide (174 countries plus 45 Dependencies and Areas of Special Sovereignty) speaking 168 languages — who post an average of one hundred (100) magnificent images per day".

David Scott,
Publisher, Polyglot Press
Philadelphia USA and Toronto, Canada

text: Documentary photography requires a great commitment, especially in the humanitarian context. Anjan's work not only talks about this responsibility, it connects us, inspires us and shows us that in a more remote and poor place, there is always beauty.

The beauty seen through his lens. He is one of the best photographers I know, and I am proud to be her friend.

Mariana Yañez

“As they say..”every picture tell’s a story..”, and i just love to “read “ the beauty of each one he show’s...

I love to see “his” India.

Mateus Cristina

Anjan Ghosh allows the silent voice of the soul tell their stories through his lens - each photograph a piece of a world few truly appreciate. Masterful, beautiful, and a truth we should all know.

Yvonne White

Anjan is not only an excellent photographer. He is also a brilliant storyteller with a camera, who easily wins other people’s hearts, gains their trust and brings out their genuine selfs. He finds his models everywhere where life is and quite naturally makes friends with them before capturing their smiles, their pride, their passions.

Anjan loves all life and all people and by collecting and showing both by means of photography and with tireless dedication, he is a true ambassador for humanity.

Seona Sommer

When u don't just believe in clicking but try to capture soul of the scene before you, you create soul-stirring art pieces with a big smile. Anjan Ghosh of India's Kolkata city seems to doing just that through his captivating work in photography for years.

Sandeep Datta
India, Delhi

"Anjan's photographs are visually stunning. Beautiful does not quite capture what has been created in his wonderful shots. Therefore, they are worth in-depth contemplation.

I especially like the light and the movement in most of his photographs and I love the careful thinking and placement of the figures in all his work of art, which is so creative bringing forth the awakened strong human being through the struggles and challenges to attain enlightenment."

Wishing you the best in your future endeavours and every success in everything you do. Looking forward to seeing your fantastic photographs showcased all over the world. Best wishes,

Dolors Castells
Contemporary Art Painter
Catalonia, Spain

When looking at Anjan's photos, there is no need for large texts. He has the gift of telling stories with a single click of his camera. He is a true master at choosing the perfect time. I hope to have the pleasure of going on a photo tour with him one day. Anjan, I am proud that you are my friend.

Sabine Schmid

“Anjan Gosh is one of the most talented photographers I know. His ability to capture the essence of human objects is simply magical. It’s amazing to observe him transforming the photographic universe to an extraordinary piece of art. I had the honor and privilege to participate in two photographic tours in Ethiopia/India with him.”

Daniel Taveira
Professional Photographer

“Stunning photos – sometimes evoke infusion and joy, sometimes sadness and sympathy, like real life,which has many facets. Anjan's photos are honest and open to reading.There is a whole story behind his photographic work and you can read it in the eyes of photographic modelsof this amazing photo artist. And I am sure that Anjanhas an honest, kind and open heart.Joy runs like a red thread through many of his works, but there are also photographs that make youthink and evoke sincere sympathy for the models. Anjan has inspired artists around the world to create paintings.”

“I am one of them too! I painted a portrait of a Hindu with a piercing gaze. I was amazed by this look, which Anjan could catch and capture forever! Thank you very much Anjanfor revealing to the world such interesting images and these amazing emotions that his work gives! May the Lord bless his path..”

Peace of kindness and joy, friend.

Helen Panasuik
Director of Fine Arts Museum Bilogo
Ukraine, Chernomorsk, Odessa Region

“Anjan is a versatile and a very offbeat photographer. Anjanand I have worked together in MahaKumbh for a Photographers Group where there were eminent photographers from all over the world.Anjan was leading the Group & I was heading the Travel &Logistics. What intrigued me most in that Anjan could gel with each and every nationality with the same brotherhood feelings and left no stone unturned to capture the best of shots forgetting his own personal comfort.. There was a time I found him on the field from dawn to the next day afternoon mingling around with the crowd so as to capture the best photographic shots.”
A Friend, Philosopher & a Noble Person with a kind heart. I wish him all the best in his a future endeavors.”
With Best Regards

Loretta Nadar
Travel Assistant India/India OffBeat Experiences

“Anjan – you are an extraordinary artist, with a great passion not only to document but above all to see, touch, and share a colorful image of India. Your charisma, openness, and courage to look into human hearts through the eyes of reality and make the presented photos vivid, and the faces, colors, smells – real and full of emotions and stories.”

“Your artworks are a phenomenal version of a culture so different from ours. Exposure, or rather the honor of presenting the beauty that faces the problem of poverty, corruption, and malnutrition. So much wealth is hidden in the world that not everyone has the opportunity to reach – and you show its color through joy, energy, love, colors, nature, chiaroscuro, the dignity of life.”

“Your artworks are real, just as the majesty of life on earth is real.Thank you for this beauty and awareness of the richness of hearts in the face of misery and the world of poverty.It is great beauty and a place for hope.”

Marzena Nowak
Poland Property Management

“Through his personal style, Anjan shows an aesthetic proposal where looks and environments make up a unique story.”

Mia Ferrara Basel

“Anjan is a very talented professional photographer. When I first saw his portraits, I was amazed about his works and of his style of capturing the essence of the photography arts. His blend of technical skills and his artistic eye seems to understand and capture perfectly that “real” person. I can highly recommend Anjan Ghosh.”

Mo Dabani
UK/Morocco /Belgium

“I have seen many of Anjan’s powerful images, and the way he has captured the raw emotion in theeyes and features of his subjects makes him a master of his craft.His images and the messages they portray will be around for many years to come.Watch this man’s work..He is a master.”

Peter Morey
South Africa

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