Praying for Salvation

The MatuaMahaSangha, centered in Bongaon, North 24 Parganas, West Bengal (Eastern India), is home to unique traditions and practices stemming from a belief in the harmonious cultural synthesis of tradition and modernity. Essentially a religious reform movement that originated a few hundred years ago, the close-knit social group has been hailed as “a Living Culture” based on the Vaishnava traditions of medieval Bengal. Thakur Nagar is the epicenter of the MahaSangha, and the simplicity and minimalism espoused by this group and its beliefs/customs/traditions attract tourists and visitors from all over the planet. MatuaGeet encases musical creations and idealistic folk songs that resonate with the universal beliefs of humankind. The Baruni Festival is celebrated over two weeks at Thakur Nagar every year. The pictures below capture devotees participating in a festival of faith, undertaking a journey towards absolution.

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