How you can Delete a Reddit Profile

In recent years, Reddit has become a well-known social networking site. It offers users the ability to post links, photos, and discussion about anything. This website has a many different neighborhoods, and you can even delete your if you decide to stop using it. To delete your account, log in to the Reddit account and navigate to the “User Settings” menu. After that, select “Deactivate Account. inches A verification screen can look, and you can in that case click “Deactivate. ”

If you would like to delete your Reddit account, keep in mind that your will be for good deleted. Factors to consider to backup your account info prior to removing it. You can also download your data before getting rid of it. To get this done, sign into your Reddit account and attend the Adjustments tab. In that case, click “Account settings. inch Once there, you must see an option to “Deactivate Account”.

In order to delete your Reddit profile, you must logon to your account. This can be done by accessing your account adjustments in the upper right corner of the house page. Select “Deactivate account” and provide a reason for leaving Reddit. Then, you are able to enter the username and password to verify your decision. You will be able proceed with the deactivation process.

Also you can delete your Reddit accounts if you will no longer want to use your username or avatar. This will likely preserve people from using your login name or review history in the future. Just remember that the article content and avatar you content on Reddit are not once and for all deleted.

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